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How To Recover Lost Data On Android Device

Hi Hey Readers, In this article i am going to share “How to recover lost data on android device”. Sometimes we delete a file which we don’t want to delete, Many people face this situation. So don’t worry if this situation also happend with you. There are  many ways to recover your deleted files.Some methods need rooted phones . If your phone is not rooted then don’t worry ,then  you can also recover your data. Recuva Software ( If your device is not rooted) : Recuva is a small freeware program you can use to recover pictures, music, documents, videos, or any other types of files on your hard drive, memory cards, floppy disks, iPod or MP3 player, or USB sticks. If your phone is not rooted and your data was stored on memory card then insert your memory card into memory card adapter and connect to PC through USB. Now Download Recuva Software (For Windows) In Your computer: Click Here To Download Now Start Recuva in Wizard mode.
On the Welcome to the RecuvaWizardpage, click Next. On the…