How to Play Pokemon GO Without Walking In Android

Pokemon Go has been a good fever in all around the world and peoples are crazy behind this game. This is the reason I am coming up with a trick in which How to Play Pokemon GO Without Walking.

Somedays back this was only available for iPhone and it was not available for Android users. Then yesterday I tried searching on Internet and found the mod which you can try sitting at your home.
Xposed Installer has been the place where all the application modules are available which will help you to customize your android device.
This is a module is having a feature of joystick which will help you out to move any place around your city.
The joystick which is available in this game is little bit confusing in start but after sometime it will be fine. You need some practice to use this joystick available in the game.
We need some important steps which we need to do before playing this game. Which is really confusing and if you will follow this step by step process then you will easily understand it.
We are going to lock the GPS in this game and of course you need a rooted device to try this trick and once your phone is rooted then you need to install xposed framework.
I have heard that this module sometimes bans your Pokemon GO account. But you can follow some guides which will not ban your account.
Let’s get started with the guide.


  • Rooted Android Device
  • Xposed Installer: U can google it how to install xposed framework for android marshmallow devices
  • Pokemon Joystick Module: Download
  • Hide Mock Location Module: Download
  • Patience
Download all the modules and files before proceeding to next step.

How to Play Pokemon GO Without Walking in Androidl

  • Go to settings and go to About Phone.

  • Tap on Build Number 7 times. Now you are a developer.

  • Then click back once and go to developer option.

  • Now, search for Mock Location if you are using 5.0 then switch on the option.
  • If you are using 6.0 then select the Mock Location Application as Hide mock locations.
  • If you have done this much then you are really doing well !

How to Install Modules in Your Android device.

  • Firstly install the modules and xposed application in your device.
  • Now, install the above modules in your device.
  • Open Xposed framework and then click on modules.

  • You will see two modules in it and then activate both the modules in your device.
Play Pokemon GO Without Walking in Android
  • Now, hit back button again and click on Framework.
  • Then click on The Reboot button to properly install the module in your device.

How Configure The Modules In Your Android Device.

  • Now, open xposed framework application in your device.

  • Open the Module page and then click on Hide Mock Location.
Play Pokemon GO Without Walking in Android
  • Then in the list of application search for Pokemon Go.
Play Pokemon GO Without Walking in Android
  • Now, open the Pokemon Go Joystick application.
  • Now, click on Open/Close Joystick and then you will see a joystick in your page. Make sure the speed is set to slower.
Play Pokemon GO Without Walking in Android

Enable the Mock Location Application In Settings only 6.0 Marshmallow.

  • Open your phone settings and then click on developer option.

  • Search for the Mock Location and then select the application.
Play Pokemon GO Without Walking in Android
  • Select Pokemon Go Joystick and then you are done.
After all this things you have almost done all the settings now finally some basic things you need to remember.

Important Points:

  • Make sure you don’t play too much. Just play half and hour and then take a break.
  • Choose slower speed while playing this game. Just because you can catch rare pokemon in slower speed.
  • Try to use U.S Location and it will help you to get high C.P Pokemon’s
  • If you are updating the application make sure you clear the data of the Joystick and of pokemon Go.
  • Don’t go too far or else it will block your account.
  • Don’t leave your country or else again account ban.
  • Don’t walk on water or else your account will be ban.
Note: I tried this procedure and it was working absolutely fine. Make sure you follow important steps. This will not block your account.


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